Fifa Aim Project

May 11, 2022

The finish face is preferably spherical across the tip of the sliding element. The tip protrudes only barely from the dome-shaped rubber material in its vicinity, so that injuries are not to be feared. Due to the dome-shaped elevation within the vicinity of the tip, it protrudes far sufficient from the tip face to keep away from contact with this end face of the rubber-elastic physique with the lower floor throughout play. 1 has a flat, cylindrical, i.e. disc-shaped physique 1, which consists of three segments 2, 3, 4.

Puck in accordance with declare 14, characterised in that the annular sliding factor has an internet with a retaining bead which is encompassed by the rubber-elastic material. A plurality of pins may be arranged on a holding plate, which either run parallel to 1 another and emerge from the tip face of the puck on the same aspect or are organized coaxially and protrude on opposite end faces. In the second case, the holding plate is organized in the course of a rod-shaped element, which types a pin on each side of the holding plate. Puck based on at least one of the previous claims, characterised in that the sliding factor is annular and is arranged along an annular fringe of the puck.

Inserting the wreath-like structure in an injection mold after which encapsulating it is a very advanced and dear manufacturing course of. The inventor is also aware of pucks into which rotatable balls are inserted, which protrude from the top faces of the disk-shaped physique. These elements are supposed to allow advantageous motion properties of the puck on a surface aside from ice, for example on sports hall floors made of wood or linoleum or on asphalt. A rubber puck would not slide on such surfaces, however would roll over instantly after hitting the hockey stick due to the static friction between the rubber and the surface. The ball rollers are designed to trigger the puck to roll easily alongside the ground surface.

Puck according to claim eleven, characterized in that on a holding plate two pins are arranged coaxially and reverse each other, the information of which protrude from one end face of the puck. 25 onerous and low-friction material are firmly connected, which protrude from the rubber-elastic material on a sliding floor of the puck. 20 seconds, for example 10 to 30 seconds, after the change has been actuated, the power supply to the sunshine supply is interrupted. The annular edges of the highest and backside faces of the puck's cylindrical physique could additionally be chamfered or rounded. This enables the players to grip under the sting with the racket and to boost the puck through the sport so as to execute a excessive shot, for example at knee peak. But will one epic goodbye date supply them a final probability at love?

The disc-shaped construction, which would have led to the protected destruction of the puck in ice hockey pucks because of the great forces throughout board play, has confirmed to be significantly advantageous within the case of a puck for indoor or street hockey. In indoor or avenue hockey, the speeds with which a puck hits any gangs are a lot lower than in ice hockey, so that there isn't any fear of the puck being destroyed by destroying the connection of the disk-shaped segments. The middle segment consists of a transparent material and offers the appropriate receptacle to be used with mild sources, power sources, switches and regulating and control elements. Additional mild channels are not necessary for the reason that mild beams may be directed over the central section onto the complete central peripheral floor of the puck.

The meeting of the puck according to the invention can be seen from FIGS. The outer segments 2 and four of the puck have annular recesses 17 on their inner facet. The second annular recess 17 seen from the peripheral surface of the puck is provided with bores for receiving the sliding pegs 14 which open on the end face of the puck physique 1 in the region of the dome-shaped sliding knobs 12. In each outer segment 2, four of the puck, three elements based on FIG. four inserted, which two slide pins 14 projecting through the bores have, which are integrally connected to an annular segment-shaped holding plate 15.

The rubber materials of the edges instantly slows the puck's sliding movement and normally leads to an uncontrollable rollover of the puck on the sphere. In order to keep away from this drawback, ring-shaped sliding parts can be organized alongside the two edges of the puck. The mixture of these ring-shaped sliding components and the sliding parts on the tip faces of the puck means that all the essential sliding surfaces of the puck have a low coefficient of friction and the puck slides in a controllable method when its edge comes into contact with the ground.

The ice hockey pucks essentially have to be formed from a homogeneous physique, since as a result of drive of an influence throughout gang play there's a appreciable risk that hooked up individual components of the puck will flake off. 7 a representation comparable to FIG. 2 of a puck with annular sliding components. The invention relates to a hockey puck with a flat cylindrical body manufactured from rubber-elastic materials.

Such a switch can be fashioned by a piezo switch which is designed to be very touch-sensitive. A cavity is to be organized above this piezo change, into which a small, light actuating factor, for example a plastic ball with a diameter of 2 mm, is inserted. When the puck strikes quickly, the actuating component strikes the piezo switch and switches on the vitality supply. If the puck lies nonetheless for a quantity of seconds, the vitality supply to the sunshine source is switched off. The puck in accordance with the invention solely lights up when enjoying, and vitality consumption throughout breaks is averted.

In this case, the 20 puck basically only has contact with the bottom with its sliding parts on the round edges of the disk-shaped physique. No. 5,366,219 reveals a puck for indoor or street hockey, with the physique of which sliding components made from a hard and low-friction materials are firmly connected, which protrude from the rubber-elastic materials on a sliding surface of the puck. The sliding parts are mixed to kind a wreath-like structure which is extrusion-coated with the rubber-elastic material.

3, the central, crystal-clear phase 3 has a receptacle for an electrical circuit on a support plate 9, which comprises two light-emitting diodes 5, 6 as a lightweight supply and a battery 7 and a switch eight. The switch 8 is a so-called piezo switch, which reacts to pressure and disconnects the facility provide from the battery 7 to the sunshine sources 6. Furthermore, regulating and management elements are provided within the circuit which excite the light-emitting diodes 5, 6 to blink.